We’ve Got Serious Mo’ Flow!


Flex Grow has introduced a new product that is seriously going to rock the grow world.  Mo’ Flow Irrigation and Media Treatment is unparalleled in delivering serious protection against calcium and other mineral buildup that can clog lines, impede flow, and mess up mediums.

Use Mo’ Flow during the growing cycle to ensure strong and consistent water flow that is critical for optimum nutrient uptake and maximum yields.  It not only helps maximize yield, it lessens labor and time needed to keep it all flowin’ and protect your investment.

Mo’ Flow makes the clean out mess more manageable.  Using Mo Flow during the growing process and circulating a more concentrated dose prior to clean out significantly reduces or even eliminates the need for cleaning out water lines, trays, orifices, mediums, etc.  Leaving you more time to …..well, enjoy your plants.

Check out what Wendie Blanchard says about Mo’ Flow.  She is a hydroponic consultant who has set up 22 fully operational farms and learning centers worldwide:

“We were approaching the dreaded clean out of the water tubes and channels between grows at our farm, as they were clogged and as usual full of mineral deposits.  It’s almost unavoidable.  We added a concentrated dose of Mo’ Flow prior to clean out and the difference was amazing.  We significantly reduced the amount of labor and time necessary during the labor-intensive change overs.  Now we use Mo’ Flow as a preventative measure to minimize or even prevent the time-consuming clean outs.”

Retailers and growers can learn more about Mo’ Flow at flexgrow.com/products/mo-flow or call 1-866-824-GROW (4769).

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