Volunteer of the Year!

Flex Grow congratulates one of our own team members—Mark Rockcastle—who recently received the Volunteer of the Year Award from Three Meadows Farm.  Mark, our Director of Product & Market Development, was pursuing opportunities to get more hands-on experience in hydroponic farming and discovered Three Meadows Farms and the exciting work they were doing with Somerset Hills Learning Institute.  He joined Three Meadows Farm as a volunteer which has led to him gaining additional valuable experience and knowledge about hydroponic farming.

Through his volunteer work, he’s had the opportunity to work alongside adults with autism and learn about the challenges and triumphs they face in the workplace. Through gardening and greenhouse cultivation, these individuals engage in a rewarding and fulfilling work experience that promotes independence, enhances self-esteem, and fosters social connections.  The entire program also enriches the community by providing access to locally grown produce while promoting sustainable practices through hydroponic farming.

Mark gained and gave so much more than his original intention to obtain hands-on experience.  His passion to support and enhance not only the farming aspect but also the entire program that provides much-needed sustainable skills and employment for adults with autism, earned him the Volunteer of the Year recognition.  As Mark says, “It’s a WIN-WIN for everyone!” 

We are proud of Mark’s enthusiasm and dedication and are grateful for the opportunity to support such a worthwhile endeavor.

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